Saturday, April 27, 2013

Every last bit of pretty.

A new blog.

to document the pretty in life.
the found pretty and the created pretty.
the pretty outsides and the pretty insides.
all of it. 
every last bit.

So let's start with the prettiest day in DC, the one day a year where the cherry blossoms are in full, perfect bloom. It's the day that finally ushers in the spring (I don't care what the calendar says, March 20th on the East Coast is still winter), when our little toes can finally stretch themselves out, cramped from five months of socks and winter boots, when a girl can proudly display her unicorn shirt in full view, free from winter's concealing jackets and coats. 

Going to do my best here to capture the pretty I see in this world. Feel free to follow along!

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