Monday, April 29, 2013

Our secret spot.

The other day Jord and I took an afternoon off from studying and working and wedding planning for a little picnic in Rock Creek Park. We stumbled upon some stables and a community garden in a clearing in the forest, which I've now dubbed our "secret spot", even though it's right off the road, clearly marked, and not even remotely private. Whatever. I claim it. 

It was such a peaceful way to spend a few hours together, especially when lately I feel like during most of our time together we've been forced to multitask in the name of getting things done, without being able to just focus on each other. Such an unfortunate side effect of adulthood, the nagging feeling that there's always one more task you could accomplish, one more errand you could run...

Thus we found ourselves blowing bubbles into the breeze, catching raspberries on our tongues, and attempting to fly kites on a day that wasn't *quite* windy enough. We played music in the background and stuffed ourselves with brie, prosciutto, and a fresh French baguette (clearly also taking a day off of our my pre-wedding diet). Jordan entertained me by performing his most impressive party trick (more on that another time), while I shrieked in terror every time a bee came within 15 feet of our picnic blanket air space. Yep. A heart of a lion beats in this chest of mine, what can I say.

Join us next time!

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