Thursday, June 20, 2013

a bedroom bridal shower.

I'm back! With a new white person last name, a grown-up apartment, and a permanent plus one! I'm dying to get back into the bloggy swing of things. It's been such a long time since I updated this fledgling masterpiece, so I'll be playing catch up until I can write about what I *really* want to post (wedding, obvi).

Okay, first catch up will be brief and photo-filled. About a month before my wedding, my sweet bridesmaids threw me a lovely bridal shower. Talk about people who know me well--the party included macarons, a fashion show, and a throne full of presents.

 Naturally, I spent the majority of my shower happily eating on my throne.

Showers are known for their goofy games, so I was kind of nervous about what whacky activity the girls had planned. Happily, the activity was right up my alley--I was simply required to watch and judge. The girls (and one boy whose bond of friendship was strong enough to brave the estrogen) divided up into three teams and put together wedding dresses from toilet paper, coffee filters, and trash bags. After each faux bride paraded down the catwalk (aka our hallway), I chose my favorite. The winner escapes me now, but anyone have a favorite? 

And then I opened my presents!! My shower was bedroom-themed, which the guests were free to interpret at will, clearly resulting in some fun presents. (Basically if anyone ever needs condoms, I now possess a stash of 200. Literally 200. Safety first, people!) Jordan showed up for this portion of the shower, but he kept his eyes (sort of) closed whenever I opened a lingerie present. Honeymoon surprises! eeeee!

Thank you to the bridesmaids who put this pretty affair together and all who celebrated with me!

photos by allie

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  1. Looks like a really fun gathering, and eating maccaroons and opening presents don't hurt either.
    PS Wendy sure does look cute in her wedding dress, even if it's made out of toilet paper and garbage bags haha

  2. Wendy's dress won! I know, because it was MY team! I think we made up a clothing line... LLT (Lauren, Lisa, Tara or something like that) and this was from our "2013 Spring Collection". Loved your shower.

  3. Loving the photography, Milan! You have an amazing personality for blogging!! This enthusiasm for life mixed with a down-to-earth self-awareness that's so refreshing. Looking forward to more!

  4. Let me just say, I love your bridal shower's theme! Congratulations.

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