Monday, August 26, 2013

PV dreaming.

Greetings from Puerto Vallarta! ...from our honeymoon, three months ago. After the craziness leading up to our wedding and the whirlwind of our actual wedding day, we were relieved to spend a week relaxing in Mexico. We spent most of our time eating room service on our suite's balcony and splashing around the resort's pools, but we did venture out here and there to explore the city. There was also a day involving a jungle zipline that was over 1 km long (I may have cried from nervousness, luckily no cameras were present to document). Jordan did an amazing job mapping out the week for us--I wasn't involved in the planning, and in fact I didn't know where we were going until a week before our wedding. I admit, I was wary. I'm very particular about my traveling style and hotel preferences, and I was worried that without being involved in the planning, I'd be setting us up for some disappointment. Happy to report, however, that Jordan delivered in a big way--we both agreed that we'd love to go back whenever we have the chance.

I've been cooped up in our apartment for the last 24 hours, distracting my sick and pouty self with photos of this honeymoon (and a serious deep clean of our stove top) and thought it was time I shared. Wedding photos up soon!

The cutest boy right there.

I still get excited when I see that ring on his finger. Married! Mine!

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