Monday, September 23, 2013

a monday pretty: new beginnings.

Well, I'm 11 days late on this, but somehow I just stumbled upon this lovely video. Posted at sunrise on 9/12/13, the video features dancers from the New York City Ballet atop a rooftop overlooking the new One World Trade Center. From the NYCB's ad agency: "Our hope is that 9/12 can now be rebranded as a day of optimism and new beginnings."

Happy Monday!

P.S. I noticed that sometimes the videos I post don't show up in my Feedly feed. Not really sure what to do about that, but if there was ever a video to click over to the actual blog for, this just might be it.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Charleston, SC: the plantations.

Okay, really, all I have to say is that I could probably spend forever frolicking around Charleston's gorgeous plantations. It's just...the grounds! The Spanish moss! The oak-lined driveways! Really, the opportunities for twirling photo-ops were so endless, I didn't know what to do with my little self. After a lifetime spent reading romantic historical fiction novels set in the 19th century South, really the only thing I felt was lacking was a hoop skirt and a corset. (Feel free to join me in fervent prayer to Anna Wintour that these will come back.)

^^^ This guy led us on a magical self-guided tour during which we encountered hidden gardens, sculpture angels, sparkling ponds, and magnolias galore. Plus real live alligators and snakes literally just chilling on the grass right next to us, so this boy was happy.

^^^ Frolicking so hard right there.

^^^ ...and there.

Charleston. Just go. And call me, so I can go with you.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

a pretty tune for you

Artist :: Kings of Leon
Title :: Dancing on my Own (Robyn cover)

Listen. I love the original version(s) by Robyn, but my love for Kings of Leon has burned bright since high school, so this is just amazing to me.

Here's the original, just in case.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Charleston, SC.

A few weeks before Labor Day, I put out a call on Facebook for recommendations as I planned our weekend getaway to Charleston, SC. Specifically, I asked for "can't miss things like cute cafes, charming bookstores, pretty cobblestone streets, elegant mansions...", i.e. the essentials of any Milan-planned trip. The responses came flooding in, even from lovely ladies I hadn't spoken with since high school graduation, seven years ago (whatsup, Lauren Maddahi). 

From all of these recommendations I was able to put together the perfect, crowd-sourced itinerary for our Labor Day weekend. We frolicked down cobblestone streets, popped into the cutest antique shops, toured gorgeous antebellum mansions, and brunched like champs (the verb version of "brunch" is now firmly implanted in Jordan's vocabulary, thank you very much), all weekend long. 

Clearly, this was a very Milan-centric vacation. Luckily for me, I am married to a boy who a) is extremely easygoing and flexible, but more importantly, b) has gotten the travel bug out of his system, for the most part. Jordan has lived in Germany on three separate occasions, on a mission for our church, to do physics research, and on a Fulbright scholarship. Anyone who's been to Europe knows how easy it is to skip around from country to country, and he took advantage of this while he was there, visiting over 20 countries. Pobrecito him. 

So he isn't exactly dying to see anything in particular at this point (at least not in the US or EU), but he's always happy to come along for the ride. Sorry we can't all live in Europe for three years, okay? What this really means is that we basically get to do exactly what I want when we travel. Pobrecita me.

^ Why yes, that is, in fact, a plate of chives on eggs on pork on waffles. We take food very seriously in this family. When I say we brunched, I mean we BRUNCHED.

^ My very own GQ model, adorned in aviators, chambray, and seersucker. (pats self on back)

^ The light! Those shutters! The wrought iron!!!

I now possess my own set of Charleston travel recommendations that I am happy to share, so don't hesitate if you need a tip or two! 

***Not pictured in this post are our visits to plantations, where I spent a signifiant amount of time twirling around in a pink tutu (you know you're dying to check back for that post). As IF I could squeeze it all into one post.***
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