Friday, September 20, 2013

Charleston, SC: the plantations.

Okay, really, all I have to say is that I could probably spend forever frolicking around Charleston's gorgeous plantations. It's just...the grounds! The Spanish moss! The oak-lined driveways! Really, the opportunities for twirling photo-ops were so endless, I didn't know what to do with my little self. After a lifetime spent reading romantic historical fiction novels set in the 19th century South, really the only thing I felt was lacking was a hoop skirt and a corset. (Feel free to join me in fervent prayer to Anna Wintour that these will come back.)

^^^ This guy led us on a magical self-guided tour during which we encountered hidden gardens, sculpture angels, sparkling ponds, and magnolias galore. Plus real live alligators and snakes literally just chilling on the grass right next to us, so this boy was happy.

^^^ Frolicking so hard right there.

^^^ ...and there.

Charleston. Just go. And call me, so I can go with you.

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