Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fete Paradiso!

I have very little to say about NYC's Fete Paradiso, except that it was LOVELY and HEAVENLY and I could live there FOREVER AND EVER and still want to stay a little bit longer.

That's an annoying way to type a sentence, sorry. But you get the jist. I quite liked it--vintage French carnival rides on a small island off Manhattan, French tunes playing overhead, what wasn't to love? The carnival has been packed away, back to France, I believe, but I heard the owners hope to bring it back next fall, too. Until then, mon cher! (<--I don't actually know what that means, just that it's French and I love it.) 

^ Lauren (and the fellow who is attempting to replace me in her heart) (fine, whom I also like very much). Lauren, fellow lover of all things delightfully French, tagged along with her man. I haven't yet mentioned Lauren on this blog of mine, but here she is. Lauren and I, well, I suppose you could say we're close. For example, we spent a significant portion of my sophomore year sharing my twin dorm bed (and our men have already been informed that when one couple visits the other, Lauren and I will be sharing the master bed, and they will be camping on the floor). As far as frolicking goes, she's a very dependable partner in crime.

^ Love him. Also, ugh, my hair. What a scraggly disaster.

^ At the beginning of the ride, before I remembered I am now officially at that age where any kind of swingy or spinny or roller-coastery motion makes me anxiously search for the path to the nearest trash can. There are photos of my face at the end of the ride, too, and they look nothing like this one.

Au revoir!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

breakfast in the park with this cute guy.

Last Saturday, we spent the most perfect, lazy day together, starting off with a meandering stroll to a local deli for a breakfast sandwich, eaten in the playground of a local park like the kiddies we are. You better believe I took advantage of the nippy weather and busted out the Uggs for the first time (no Ugg shame, ever, like the LA girl I am), but also kept on the heart-shaped sunnies as I clung to the dying Indian summer we've been experiencing.

^ This guy is just the funniest. For the first few minutes, we both sat on our swings, only slightly swaying back and forth as we ate our breakfasts, still grounded by our feet in the dirt below. While I ate, I was focused on my phone, checking Instagram, probably (#addicted), when all of a sudden I heard, in the most exasperated, frustrated tone, "UGH, I just can't TAKE this anymore!" I looked up to see that he had tossed down his breakfast, and was already kicking his way to a giddy, swinging euphoria. Talk about the child within--the poor guy simply could not bear to be sitting on a swing without also soaring into the air. You can barely see his face, but just look at that happy profile--doesn't that just say everything? You can practically hear his elated whoops.

^ And then this happened. I took this just moments after he somehow managed to accidentally kick himself backwards, off his swing. Glad I'm an awesome wife who immediately thought to document his fall ("For Instagram, honey!"), rather than attend to his health. (Also, note the discarded plum by his right foot.)

Meanwhile, I stayed firmly, wisely planted on the ground.

That husband guy of mine. How could I not adore him?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

our first little married date.

Continuing with my trend of blatantly ignoring any logical timeline in my posting, here are just a few photos of our first date night after we returned from our honeymoon.

^ Return from honeymoon, proceed directly to nearest theater showing Star Trek (I'd been dying to see it for weeks). Naturally, I had begged my bridesmaids to go see it with me the night before our wedding--I'll take Spock over a greasy Magic Mike look alike any day--but they convinced me that I needed to sleep. (And then we may or may not have had an impromptu YouTube-inspired burlesque dance party in my basement instead--sleep what??)

^ Needless to say, I was thrilled to discover that this was our neighborhood theater. The Art Deco! The arcs of overhead lights! There's a glorious chandelier in the lobby, too. And it's called Uptown, hello--this theater was made for me.

^ When presented with a table full of sushi, I obviously lack the self control necessary to pose for a photo before all food in sight is devoured.

^ Smile of a newlywed right there, my friends. Smile of a newlywed.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

a pretty tune for you.

Artist :: Douglas Dare
Title :: Lungful

Past pretty tunes for you here.

P.S. I've noticed that sometimes the videos I post don't show up in my Feedly feed (and maybe in other readers too?). Not really sure what to do about that, but feel free to click over to my actual blog to watch it!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

on saturday mornings.

On Saturday mornings, you can most likely find us here, sipping hot chocolate (me) and eating stuffed crepes (me again) in our favorite little neighborhood restaurant. Somehow it never seems to be crowded or noisy and the food always hits juuust the right spot. Similar to our secret spot in Rock Creek Park, we are under the impression that no one knows about this joint, that somehow, we discovered it, that it really is just the two of us here, planning our plans and dreaming our dreams, all over brunch for two.

Two please!
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