Wednesday, October 23, 2013

breakfast in the park with this cute guy.

Last Saturday, we spent the most perfect, lazy day together, starting off with a meandering stroll to a local deli for a breakfast sandwich, eaten in the playground of a local park like the kiddies we are. You better believe I took advantage of the nippy weather and busted out the Uggs for the first time (no Ugg shame, ever, like the LA girl I am), but also kept on the heart-shaped sunnies as I clung to the dying Indian summer we've been experiencing.

^ This guy is just the funniest. For the first few minutes, we both sat on our swings, only slightly swaying back and forth as we ate our breakfasts, still grounded by our feet in the dirt below. While I ate, I was focused on my phone, checking Instagram, probably (#addicted), when all of a sudden I heard, in the most exasperated, frustrated tone, "UGH, I just can't TAKE this anymore!" I looked up to see that he had tossed down his breakfast, and was already kicking his way to a giddy, swinging euphoria. Talk about the child within--the poor guy simply could not bear to be sitting on a swing without also soaring into the air. You can barely see his face, but just look at that happy profile--doesn't that just say everything? You can practically hear his elated whoops.

^ And then this happened. I took this just moments after he somehow managed to accidentally kick himself backwards, off his swing. Glad I'm an awesome wife who immediately thought to document his fall ("For Instagram, honey!"), rather than attend to his health. (Also, note the discarded plum by his right foot.)

Meanwhile, I stayed firmly, wisely planted on the ground.

That husband guy of mine. How could I not adore him?

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  1. I am so glad you documented this! SOOOO SOOO GLAD... i mean its for your future


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