Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A drive to see some leaves.

A few weekends ago Jordan and I took a day journey around the Virginia countryside before the last of the gorgeous red and golden leaves fell to the ground. I could go on and on in raptures about the fall foliage in this part of the world, although I'm reminded that not all are as entranced as I am. As Jordan put it on a phone call to his buddy during our drive, "Milan wanted to go on a drive to see some leaves." (Side note: On the same call, I caught him doling out some timely relationship advice to his friend: "You need to be able to enjoy long drives together." I don't know, I just thought this was kind of sweet.)

Well, yes, Milan did want to see some leaves, and see some leaves we did! We also swung by Old Lucketts for lunch--it's a shabby chic antique store (emphasis on shabby, in my opinion. meow.) that secretly also has some of the best biscuits and melt sandwiches around.

^ Just the cutest, isn't he? I love my drives with him. We sing, we listen to our audio book, we talk about everything (thanks to him, I'm informed on the latest science world news, while he is thrillingly up to date on the fall recipes I'm dying to try). Sometimes we talk about nothing, and we still, as he said, enjoy long drives together.

^ As IF I could resist an open road/golden foliage twirling opportunity.

^ "Take a picture of me jumping over this ditch!" said the former hurdler.

^ "Wait, take another of me jumping back over it!"

...we're working on our posing.

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