Sunday, November 10, 2013

A few photos from Halloween and Jordan's birthday.

Bon jour! Continuing my love of all things French (combined with my total costume preparation negligence), I dressed us as classic Parisians this year. They were easy costumes--we pretty much had it all anyway (my outfit, minus the red accessories, is one I wear to work often), so all we needed to grab were a few quick accessories and a striped shirt for Jordan. We further accessorized with a few French kisses, not pictured.

We spent the evening at a Halloween party thrown by our friends Ellen and Gabe, marveling at costumes much more creative and cute than ours.

Halloween was also Jordan's birthday! He is now a whopping 29 years old, dangerously close to 30--and then 40!--as I have been gleefully reminding him.

^ Surprised him at his school with cupcakes. The look on that guy's face when I swooped in from out of nowhere and tried to kiss him--utter revulsion (he thought some random girl was trying to kiss him, so this was a good thing), then confusion, finally replaced by delight. Mission birthday surprise accomplished (special thanks to Brooke, my birthday elf companion in crime).

^ We finished the evening just the two of us, over chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting--he's a simple, easy to please guy, and he knows what he likes, alright. Let's not even GET into the debacle of last year's birthday cake, when I thought I'd get creative and add a little touch of peanut butter. Let's just say two cakes and two batches of frosting ended up getting made that day.

Here's to many more birthdays together!

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  1. "not pictured"—haha.

    why can't i be short so i can wear heels like those?

    also, i am jealous that his birthday is on halloween. also, i didn't know he was older than i am.


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