Friday, November 8, 2013


In the name of making all things pretty, flower are my number one go-to way to instantly prettify a space. There are two spots in my apartment, above and below left, where I always make sure to have fresh flowers on display (although every now and then, I admit I leave them out a few days too many). When I'm out and about, my eye is always drawn to flowery pops of color, like the ones below, which I spotted recently in a gated Soho courtyard and a downtown NYC restaurant.

Happily, Jordan is supportive and complicit--thank you for this week's roses, love!

Join me in this flowery crusade! Flowers everywhere, flowers for everyone!

P.S. As the first photo reveals, I'm FINALLY getting around to reading Breakfast at Tiffany's. Coincidentally, my book club is reading a book about Audrey Hepburn this month, so it's Audrey 24/7 around here!

P.P.S. Speaking of flowers, how about four tons of them? Reminds me of this.

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  1. I loved that sony ad, thanks for sharing. you DO always have fresh flowers around the house! what a commitment. xo ps I love audrey hepburn so much, what a lovely lady

  2. When my husband brings home flowers it is a huge gesture of his love because he suffers from wicked bad allergies the whole time they are in the house. (We did silk for the wedding so I have the bouquet in a vase to add the same effect to our home)


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