Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve for two.

Our Christmas Eve was delightfully lazy, I have to say... We finally rolled out of bed for "breakfast" at around noon or so. Basically I'm calling everything we do this year a new tradition, because hey, you never know what will stick. So the first Christmas Eve tradition we started was to have a Spanish tortilla and homemade toasted bread for breakfast, delicious if I do say so myself thankyouverymuch. (I just started baking real bread for the first time, like with yeast and kneading and stuff, and I'm very proud of my little self. This won't be the last of it on this blog...)

^After one of us napped for two hours while the other defended us from aliens (we got an Xbox on Black Friday, don't talk to me about it), we headed for a nippy walk around our neighborhood to see all the Christmas decorations. My parents used to have to drag me out of the house to go on family walks when I was little (and okay, maybe still when I go home), but around here I can't get enough of them. I will never, ever get over this beautiful neighborhood of ours. 

^Warmed up from our sub-freezing stroll with some hot chocolate (spicy Mexican for me, salted caramel for him), then headed to a party for the evening where we sang and ate and sang and ate...then back home for Christmas Eve presents!

^Another new Christmas Eve tradition, matching (sort of) Christmas jammies, from me to us--felt weird to give myself a present, but Mom always takes care of these things so now it's my turn I guess? And a cute hooray headband for me from him, which I will not be taking off my head for the foreseeable future. But back to those t-shirts--if you think it was easy for me not to buy a miniature DC one for our future kidlet (no, no news here, just someday), well, it just wasn't.

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  1. I'm glad you like walking now. I remember you thinking it was so ridiculous that I liked walking to the mall instead of driving when it was only two blocks away from us.

    1. Haha and I STILL think that's ridiculous! My love of walks only extends to leisure time, not when I actually have somewhere to be or something to do! Don't worry, still an anti-walking LA girl... :)

  2. Just beautiful! Nicole and I have yet to spend a Christmas alone together. It looks like it wasn't hard at all for you guys!

  3. Please tell me more about these HOT chocolates you speak of...!! And those adorable stockings?!?!



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