Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Christmas.

For our first little Christmas together, we celebrated with the perfect blend of staying in and seeing the sights, taking it easy and taking advantage of this beautiful city. First things first: since we have no kiddies to speak of, I took it upon myself to pounce on Jordan in bed first thing, waking him with "It's Christmas! It's Christmas! Wake up, it's Christmas!!" over and over again. After opening our stockings and one gift each (oh, the self-control that took...), we headed to brunch at Seasons in Georgetown. People, the food was amazing but I would highly recommend brunch here for the desserts alone, if you don't mind splurging a bit--little treats fit for Marie Antoinette herself! The best part is that they were all miniature--maybe two or three bites each--meaning we could each have, like, 20. Plus any restaurant with a photo booth gets a 10 from me, so...

After literally, like, two hours of straight eating, it was back to our pajamas and presents and napping and alien-killing and Christmas cuddling for the rest of the day.

^A fave from this Christmas--Bunny, ya did good. Ya did good.

In the evening we headed downtown to see the Capitol Christmas tree--somehow, after living here through four Christmas seasons, this was my first time visiting the Capitol tree up close. Definitely worth the sub-freezing temps we endured!

^Note the tippy toes, welcome to the life of a 5'1" married to a 6'3".

I have to say, I loved our little Christmas together. We missed our family, but it was really important to us to do our own thing this year, and now that Christmas has passed I can definitely say we made the right choice. We're just hoping our families visit soon! (cough cough parents I HOPE YOU'RE READING THIS)

Okay, *fine*, just one more from the Christmas season, a quick shot we snapped with our tree before heading out to a holiday party:

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  1. I am dying over those tiny desserts and photo booth!? WOW. Your making my guide for when we come back to the states! You guys are so cute!! We did our first Christmas "alone" well as much as you can when your family lives in the same city.

  2. I was also on the edge of my seat to see WHO was pinky and bunny....glad it turned out to be who I thought it was....cause I can't see Jordon as a pinky. =)


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