Monday, December 16, 2013

our first christmas tree!

Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree!! After a particularly freezing Christmas tree hunt in the forests of the Massachusetts Avenue tree lots, we came home with a perfectly proportioned little tree for our apartment. This month I've been realizing that we're a little low on holiday decor, but luckily we had a small stock of ornaments that we bought after Christmas last year, during our wedding registry frenzy. The ornaments were actually one of our first purchases for our life together--it seemed so grown up buying these last January (and yet I was probably pretty giggly about it, knowing me), and the day when we would actually use them seemed so far away! But here we are...!

^Cozied up in lights and my husband's soft sweater.

^We're still making important newlywed discoveries about each other over here. Example: To one of us, it seemed perfectly obvious that the proper way to string a Christmas tree with lights was to first wrap the lights around the inner layer all the way up the tree, then do a second outer layer, ensuring a nice depth of light and an orderly process because this is how they were trained growing up. To the other one of us, it was like, why string lights all the way around when no ones sees the back? Just criss cross up and down and around the front and we're good! Can you tell who won?

^In my family, we have a tradition where we place an angel named Angie on the top of our tree, made for us by one of our former nannies, also not-so-coincidentally named Angie, while playing and singing along to the song, "Angie the Christmas Tree Angel," by the Andrews Sisters. A creative bunch, eh? Without my own Angie the Christmas tree angel, I was sort of at a loss about how to top our tree--normal people put up stars, I guess? Star-less and Angie-less, we improvised with a giant red bow (that I purchased a few years ago for my hair, obvi), and voila! Tree officially topped.

^Seeing our tree decorated makes this marriage thing seem a little more real--this isn't just a glorified, six-month long sleepover, this is real life! Like, I'm responsible for making someone else's Christmas happen, presents, holiday cheer, festive food, and all. (And he's responsible for mine, poor guy.) Responsibility time!!

^An iPhone photo of our Christmas corner! I'm ready for presents any day now, Santa and Jordan... And I don't care what Jordan says, I absolutely will be keeping this tree up until its bitter, brittle end. I will faithfully water it every hour, if necessary, to savor our first Christmas together. May you last until Valentine's day, my perfect little first tree!

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  1. I love this post!! AND your little Christmas ornaments are so pretty!


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