Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy birthday, Dad!

To the first man in my life, happiest of birthdays to you! I love you!


Photo by Linda Arredondo.

Friday, January 24, 2014

a pretty tune for you.

Artist :: Taylor Berrett
Title :: When I Find You

Haven't posted one of these for a while, and a friend posted his latest song today, so thought I'd share. It's a sweet one!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My 2013.

So obviously I'm addicted to Instagram. It's fun to scroll through the feeds of friends, celebrities, and companies, but more than anything I love that it serves as a constant (addictive!) reminder to observe, appreciate, and document. There are so many little events I've captured on my iphone and shared on Instagram that I wasn't able to snap with my real camera, and I'm so grateful to have these moments all gathered in one place in their cropped and filtered glory. Most of these little snippets of daily life don't make it onto my blog, so here's a look back at 2013 in Instagrams, by @milanmanet:

Of course, multiple shots of me with my fiance-turned-husband-forever-love-of-my-life Mr. Jordan Cox, starting off with our New Year's Eve 2012 shot:

Then, a well-documented obsession with baking (okay fine, the bottom right cake I didn't bake, just decorated in my fondant class, but admit it, it's precious):

Next, a record of the full-on spoiling I received from my lover man (he makes a mean whole-wheat waffle):

Then, our first (married) Christmas season together (for the sake of my few insta followers, I really had to hold back with the posts here--but really our little Christmas was just the best):

I admit, there were a lot of "for two" posts (you know, "hot chocolate for two," "rooftop dinner for two," etc.):

And then you *know* I really could never resist a good shoesies pic:

A few moments from my last trip with my family as a single girl (a weekend at the St. Regis to celebrate Mom's 50th):

Some wedding planning, including the horribly agonizing decisions of which shoes to wear, which china to register for, plus a sneak peek of my wedding gown:

Fun little tours of Southwest Airlines headquarters and the GQ offices:

New apartment decorating fun:

Really intense outdoor frolicking from here and here:

Listening to my favorite voice sing with the church choir and Georgetown's Lawcappella (<--see what they did there?):

A few "me time" moments, always with a screen and treat:

My first time worshipping in a Mormon temple:

A Thanksgiving battle to the death, resulting in a sliced fingertip:

And a few I'd file away as "uncategorized" but still treasured moments in my memory (the time me and my sisters were bridesmaids at our uncles' wedding, breakfast with my love in the local park, my first accidental sip of coffee (omg omg *blech*!), and a carousel ride with Jordan on my 25th birthday):

{Of course, the highlight of the year was our lovely wedding day, but I wasn't exactly snapping away on my iPhone during that day, so there are no Instagrams to be had. Luckily, my wedding party and guests very diligently documented the festivities using the hashtag #mrandmrscox.}

For me, one of the best parts of looking back at my Instagrammed year is seeing what I was particularly obsessed with. For instance, I was very dedicated to documenting my baking activities, and I clearly didn't let a day go by in December without snapping away at something Christmas-y. It's also curious to see what I neglected. Why didn't I capture more of the wedding planning process, and why do I have only two pics of our new apartment?? (Well, I know the answer to the first part--I was a raging bridezilla and too stressed out to stop and take a photo or a breath, basically. I mean not really, but kind of.) 

Anyway, 2013 will definitely go down in history for this little girl. 2014, I'm rooting for you, but really you probably don't stand a chance.

P.S. I'm probably 'gramming away this very second at @milanmanet, if the above got ya hooked, which I assume it did.
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