Friday, February 7, 2014

iPhone pretties.

In the name of documenting the daily pretties in life, a few photos pulled out of the ol' iPhone.

1. A lovely snow flurry I got caught in after class one night.
2. Wandering the halls of empty museums before open hours, just one of the many perks of working at the Smithsonian...
3. Getting in the Valentine's swing of things with a little Sprinkles treat. I typically celebrate my favorite holiday for the entire month, I hope Jordan knows this...
4. Working on my goal of daily correspondence ("working on" being the operative phrase).
5. Today's pretty flowers in the morning light, happily succeeding in my goal of fresh flowers in our home at all times.

1 Comment so far

  1. YOUR like Dr. Bones! =)

    LOVE the roses and the valentine treat!


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