Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Listen, if you ask me in person, I'll deny this to the grave, but on our recent visit to Utah I actually caught myself thinking, "Huh. I could maybe possibly live here." (I'm strictly city girl, so in Salt Lake and *only* in Salt Lake, mind you, but still, a big step.) We had such a lovely time being with family and visiting friends, and I was legitimately disappointed when we had to leave. Our visit was a surprise birthday present for Jordan's mom, who turned 60 on New Year's Eve. She may kill me for revealing her age, but really it's just to brag (I mean look at her, she's gorge--my haggard and plump future 60 year old self resents her already).

^ The face of a birthday girl who just received a special memory book AND a cruise to Hawaii.

^ Not sure how I had the honor of presenting her with her birthday cake, but leave it to me to insert myself into a photo opp.

^La familia Cox, minus Dr. Tony.

While in Utah, I made sure to see some old DC faves, Grant and Julia, who have (inexplicably) migrated back to the mother ship. Come baaaaack!

We also took a drive up to Alta, a ski resort, to have a cup of hot chocolate and watch the skiers. 

^ Visiting the This is the Place monument, which marks the site of a powerful moment in my religion's history. I'm pretty hard on the state, but it's always good to be reminded that Utah's history is my history too. I once informed a boyfriend that I would literally need a lobotomy to live in his home town of Orem (ha, maybe that's why we didn't work out? I stand by my statement.), but I admit that UT grows on me every time.

P.S. Some more shots from my iPhone:

^Apparently, I am now related by marriage to the Smith in Smith and Edwards (basically an alternate universe where crossbows and beef jerky and camo jackets are sold, among other terrifying things).

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  1. You would LOVE it there!! Its not bad, I miss my home! Especially if you lived in LEHI!!! We could be neighbors!!! awwww!!! =)


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