Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mediterranean moment.

After our Valentine's weekend in London, Jordan and I met up with our good friend Andrew, who joined us for a week of frolicking around southern Spain. One day in Valencia we were able to take a little dip in the Mediterranean...and by a dip, of course I mean a tiny toe dip followed by a lot of screaming and running back to the safety of dry land. Even though it was the Mediterranean, the beach itself was pretty unremarkable, I have to say. It was also a windy day, so the photo above is the result of frustration after being unable to take a remotely decent posed photo (hair was flying errywhere).

^ Feeling left out after the millions of photos I made him take of me. Reminds me of the jumping pictures he made me take during our foliage frolicking.

Andrew doesn't like photos. I took them anyway. ^

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