Thursday, April 10, 2014

Alhambra I Love Ya

Talk about pretty. On our first day in Spain, we visited the Alhambra, a beautiful 1,000+ year old palace in Granada. When I studied art history in college, images of the Alhambra seemed to pop up in every survey course I took, so this has always been on my list of places to visit. While the overall Islamic aesthetic has never been my favorite, I have always been drawn to the intricate patterns and colorful repetition often found in Islamic architecture. We found that in spades at the Alhambra, which is literally covered in bright tile work and delicate carvings. Much of the color is faded now, but there are a few spots that remain vibrant.

^ Carvings like this were everywhere--and remember, these were done centuries ago, so it was all done by hand. Mind boggling! The intricate details combined with the off white stone gave the whole palace the effect of being draped in lace.

^ Andrew, looking decidedly less grumpy than he did during our Mediterranean visit. :)

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