Monday, April 21, 2014

Pink country paradise.

For a city girl, I have an alarming affinity for the country. Every now and then I have one of those days where I simply need to get out of the busy city, past the mucky suburbs, and into the fresh, open countryside. Saturday (much to busy law student Jordan's chagrin) was one of those days. Lately we've been traveling so much, and when we haven't been traveling, we've been studying. A relaxed, off day was much needed. 

So off we went, cruising in our shiny new car, windows down, moon roof open, hair flying, country music blasting, on my favorite of all favorites, a **day trip** (said in hushed, reverent tones).

Talk about a pretty crusade. Eventually we found ourselves surrounded by the most glorious grove of pink trees, and we couldn't help but trespass a little to get a closer look. I will always be a city mouse, but I admit that this scene had me dreaming of rope swings and peaches and simple living... In another life, perhaps. :)
We caught the most beautiful, #nofilter sunset as we strolled through Georgetown later that day, a perfect ending to our spring day.

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  1. I'm thinking you must have gone south? Where was this countryside?

    1. Just up in Maryland, actually! Random country roads about an hour away from DC.


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