Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cox Country Road Trip: Little Rock & Albuquerque

Our overnight pit stop in Little Rock was really only noteworthy because Jordan allowed me to play Little Rock by Collin Raye on repeat the entire time we were there. "I think I'm on a rollll here in Littlllle Rock..." We also had the best breakfast at Mugs, a quirky little coffee shop slash art gallery, before we left town.

After Little Rock began the punishing, dull stretch between Arkansas and New Mexico, which suffered from an excess of beige scenery, and my stomach suffered from an excess of Doritos.

We started our stay in New Mexico with a tram ride into the mountains overlooking Albuquerque, which was terrifying and exhilarating and beautiful all at once. (I'm not scared of heights, but when it's just a few cables between me and 1,000 feet of air, I guess I get a little anxious...) The windy view from the top was truly spectacular, and well worth the trip.

Our final stop in Albuquerque was a charming restaurant, Farm and Table, owned by a friend of a friend. Located on an actual working farm, the restaurant is a little twinkly light oasis in the middle of {seemingly} nowhere.

After another day and a half of driving and a night in Vegas with family and friends, we made it safe and sound in LA! There are no glorious photos of our triumphant arrival in LA, as I was under strict instructions from my 18 year old sister that our arrival was NOT to interrupt prom day activities in the slightest, so this old fave by Gold Motel (below) will have to suffice. 

I so enjoyed driving across the country with my love, and I was more than a little sad when our Cox Country Road Trip came to an end...but luckily, what goes West must go East, and I can't wait to cross back on the northern route in January!

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