Monday, July 7, 2014

Cox Country Road Trip: Nashville & Graceland.

On our road trip to LA, we stopped in Nashville to visit Daniel, my good friend from high school. Poor Jordan had to work on a law school final, so he stayed cooped up in my friend's apartment while Dan took me out on the town, fulfilling my lifelong honky tonk dreams. We visited no fewer than four bars that night, each of which housed spectacular country bands, and my country-loving heart was in h-e-a-v-e-n. High point: Getting the band below to play my song request, Luckenbach, Texas. Low point: Developing a momentary crush on the lead singer of another honky tonk band, only for him to bring me the mic to help him sing the last, secret verse of Friends in Low Places, *which I don't know*, and having to hide behind Dan in shame. (The crush subsided and we left the bar immediately.)

^ Visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame, which was okay, except for the exhibit devoted to Reba, which was fabulous.

From Nashville we headed to Memphis to see Graceland, which I had been DYING to visit my whole life (yes, literally, I popped out of the womb demanding to be flown to Memphis), and it did NOT disappoint. Aside from some questionable jungle themed decor and the dimly lit-ness of it all, talk about design inspiration--I will now settle for nothing less than a home that includes yellow leather bar stools, purple velvet bedspreads, and stained glass peacocks (peacox!). 

This whole visit was a highlight, but my favorite moment was when our wedding song came on overhead and Jordan pulled me in for a dance *at Graceland* to Can't Help Falling in Love. Que romantico, no?

Next stop, Little Rock!

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