Saturday, September 13, 2014

Exploring LA: Abbot Kinney (and a tour of Honest Co.!)

Venice is another area of LA that I've only dipped my toe into, primarily in the form of buying stupid t-shirts on the Venice boardwalk in high school. Just a few blocks inland from the beach, it turns out, is where I really should have been shopping all along. Abbot Kinney Boulevard, dubbed by GQ "the coolest block in America," has such a fantastic collection of boutiques--clothing, antiques, home goods--that it took me almost three hours just to make my way down five blocks. Any street that has a store where I can buy a sweater emblazoned with both parrots and kittens is a street for me.

^For anyone with an addiction to cake stands (guilty), Bountiful is the store for you--literally stacks and stacks of 'em reaching to the ceiling.

That same day, I was also able to take a little tour of Honest Co.'s headquarters in Santa Monica. It was basically what I imagined it would look like--cutely designed product literally everywhere, a play area for children (of all ages), inspiring quotes painted on the walls and stairs, and Jessica Alba welcoming me in with freshly-made organic/vegan/soy/lactose-free/sugar-free chocolate chip cookies. Okay, fine, made that part up--no sighting of Honest Co.'s founder, tragically, but plenty of cute hipstery employees buzzing around! A few photos:

^#DiaperDecor--it's all the rage.

Anyway, I likely would have appreciated the tour even more if I were a mother, since the company is largely devoted to creating eco-friendly, healthy products for little ones, but it was still such an inspiring space and atmosphere. And the truth comes out...the real reason I went was to hopefully get a chance to speak with a woman there named Ashley King, whose career I covet, covet, covet. I didn't manage to catch her, unfortch, but if you're out there, Ashley, you have a fan!

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