Sunday, September 14, 2014

Exploring LA: Broadway and books.

LA doesn't always exactly give off a historic vibe, but we *do* have Hollywood history. With that come the massive, decorative movie theaters from the old Hollywood days, when studios built theaters to show their own films. My good friend Mayreen invited us to see Back to the Future at the the old United Artists theater at the Ace Hotel on Broadway, which has been beautifully restored and fully modernized. My pictures don't do it justice because of the dim lighting, but everything from the lobby to the bathroom to, of course, the theater itself is covered in elaborate carved details. It all felt very glamorous, hearkening back to the days when people actually dressed up to go see a show (clearly I was born in the wrong decade). While the theater no longer shows current films, it does still show classics every now and then, allowing us to see Marty McFly on the big screen.

^Us with Mayreen's sweet daughters, Kate and Becca, whom I used to babysit a decade ago. They seem so old to me now! Becca is now almost a foot taller than I and knows who Banksy is, so, yeah, times have changed.

^They brought back the real DeLorean for the event! PS Neither of us had seen Back to the Future since we were kids, and it was hilarious to watch as adults because we actually caught all the jokes this time. Do yourself a favor and rewatch it--you'll thank me.

Thanks for the invite, Mayreen!!


In further downtown explorations, Jordan and I visited The Last Bookstore. This place was my kind of heaven, especially the top floor, the Labyrinth, a maze of 100,000+ used books. A few photos (again with the dim lighting and camera not doing it justice thing):

^Color-coded shelves, definitely a page out of my book (#punny).

^A tunnel of books! An actual tunnel MADE OF BOOKS!!

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  1. ooo both of these destinations look dreamy and very whimsical. i love that you saw back to the future on the big screen! those pictures at the book store are awesome. like so awesome. the second one down - straight on with the books - is my favorite. i love that you are highlighting neat areas in LA. makes me want to visit!

  2. @Ellen Make another SoCal trip next year and we can go frolic together!!


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