Friday, October 31, 2014

30 Years.

I'm jealous of this world, for it has had you for 30 years, but I only for two. 
You are my sunshine and my joy in this life of ours. 
Happy birthday to you, my love.

Photos from our wedding by Linda Arredondo.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Carefree Sanssouci.

Another day, another palace, this time an exploration of the beautiful Sanssouci Palace, or the palace without cares, as the translation goes. In the charming town of Potsdam, the palace is a quick getaway from the city, just as it was for King Frederick long ago. No longer home to royalty, but still housing glittering chandeliers, ornate settees, and gilded ceilings, a perfect place to spend a lovely afternoon.

Then, one of the best moments of this girl's life, wandering into an empty rococo ballroom, somehow overlooked by the other visitors, with mirrored walls and marble floors and chandelier after chandelier and gold flowers and her very favorite shade of blue...and twirling and twirling away in her own private heaven, until so dizzy she finally had to stop, wishing for all the world the moment could have lasted forever...

So many more photos below, click to continue...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tabletop Pretty: Sieger by Furstenberg's Ca' d'Oro

On a recent wander through the luxury stores of Hamburg's Neuer Wall, I came across Ca' d'Oro and have thought (and talked, as my husband will confirm) of little else since. The china collection is a collaboration between Sieger, the fashion and lifestyle brand, and Furstenberg, the storied porcelain manufacturer, both German companies. At once graphic and elegant, with hints of gold warming its stark black and white color scheme, it's a striking blend of modern and classic design elements. Indeed, it was designed with historical motifs in mind.

From the website:
Gothic architecture inspired Michael Sieger to incorporate decorative elements found in intricate tracery. For this reason, the decor draws on the form of the quatrefoil, which is reminiscent of a flower. That is why an exceptional building, the famous palazzo on the banks of the Grand Canal in Venice, lends its name to the collection.

Although the plates, bowls, cups and tea accessories harmonise with each other, their patterns form exciting contrasts – especially when flat and tall products are combined.

The line is available for purchase here, and I long for the days when I can pair it with our white everyday china, though until we return to Washington I must remain content with simply thumbing through the catalogues (loathe to acquire here, then ship there--think of the damage!).

And those catalogues, works of art themselves, of which I have no fewer than four different, exquisite versions lying around our apartment...

Ah, perhaps just a little teacup and saucer here to tide me over until Washington, then...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Prague, along the river.

An afternoon spent strolling around Prague after a lazy hotel bed morning, stopping at the chandelier-lit Cafe Savoy for a hot chocolate to stave off the early fall chill...

And as day turned to night, a romantic stroll across the Charles Bridge under the most beautiful sunset sky, then ducking from a light rain into a baroque church to listen to a recital played on an organ once played by Mozart himself...

Then, finally, back along the river, dazzled by the golden street lights and stately apartment buildings, with a view of the bridge as it hops across the Vltava River, and we say goodnight to Prague.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wedding Pretty: Paris Love.

So inspired by all things wedding--the decor, the photography, the dresses, the jewels, even the pre-wedding engagement photos. Almost a year and a half after my own nuptials, I still regularly peruse some favorite wedding sources for visual inspiration, always exploring how I can translate the beauty I find into my everyday life. Now that I finally have the time to do so, I'd like to turn this site into something more than a record of my own life, a place where I can file away the lovely that I encounter here and there for safekeeping.

Having just returned from a weekend in Paris, head and heart brimming with inspiration and already longing to return, I thought I'd start with this sweet wedding editorial, staged in the City of Light... which has me wondering why in the world I didn't stick with my own Paris elopement dream (although I loved my perfect day, of course, as all brides do). And a treat to discover that this shoot was done by a girl I went to high school with, photographer Rebecca Yale, who has perfectly captured the wonder and magic of Paris.

Source / Photographer

And more Parisian and French wedding inspiration...

// This American/French wedding photographer couple
// A real Parisian wedding
// Jenny's search for the perfect French wedding venue

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dreamy Dresden.

Just one day in Dresden and already a favorite city of mine, mentally bookmarked for a longer return trip someday... Even on an overcast September day, the colorful buildings welcome and the wooden doors beckon, all watched over by the stone towers of churches and museums, darkened by a war from another century, yet still majestic as they preside over their lovely city. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A palace for a queen.

Charlottenburg Palace, my first German palace and it did not disappoint, as if it ever could... Waking up for a flight to Paris in three hours, not yet packed, and terribly exhausted from a museum and dinner date with my love, but this palace--a beauty like this demands to be seen, so here she is. Portrait-lined halls, decadent chandeliers, intricate wall carvings and colorful ceiling murals, all for a queen, the lovely Sophie Charlotte...

^ In awe of the tromp l'oeil here, where the blanket extends from the painting to hang loosely over the gilded cornice...

^ And this graceful blue and gold chair, where perhaps a princess once sat...

^ This delicate porcelain figure no more than 9" tall, and do you see that lace detailing at the bottom of her dress and on her sleeves?

^ I found him dozing next to a beautiful tree-lined walkway. There are worse places to rest one's head...

A tour of the palace, then a stroll through the gardens, and then somehow, magically, becoming lost in the grounds beyond under a light August rain, and happening upon the most darling children's playground and a quiet mausoleum for kings and queens...

In a city otherwise teeming with energy, so enamored of this elegant, peaceful oasis.

More lovely palace visits here.
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