Monday, October 6, 2014

A frolic abroad, starting in Berlin.

Hello from Germany! Or *hallo*, I should say. I am now one month into my first experience living in another country, and what a whirlwind it has been thus far! Jordan is here on a study abroad, and I am here on a frolic abroad. We have settled into a little apartment in Hamburg, a port city in northern Germany, where Jordan is attending classes on German and international law. We have traveled most weekends, and our first week in the country, before our Hamburg apartment was ready, we stayed in Berlin, with Jordan's old host family from his year there on the Fulbright. 

Berlin had a little bit of everything, like all big cities: beautiful architecture, old and new, extensive museums (I loved the Pergamon Museum and Topography of Terror), and plenty of cafes, art galleries, and boutiques to pop in and out of on the warm afternoons. Oh, and a pink museum, so I was happy. A few photos of some favorite sights (excluding the palaces we toured, which each get their own post obvs):

^ German Historical Museum

^ Berlin's Holocaust Memorial

I was especially excited to see the Berlin Wall, or what's left of it. On one side, the wall is covered in graffiti, while the other is a veritable gallery of murals, all of which deal with the themes related to the division. It's difficult to describe the impression the wall left on me, I suppose largely because, even as I stood before it, I still struggled to put myself in the place of those for whom the wall symbolized so much pain.

Up next, a couple palaces in and around Berlin, and our first European road trip!

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