Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dipping our toes in the Bay Area.

At the end of the summer we drove up to Utah to spend a few weeks with Jordan's family, but we took the long way through the Bay Area so that we could visit my uncles, George and Jerry, for a few days. They were such amazing hosts--Tio Geo (what I've called George, my mom's brother, since I was a kid) took especially good care of us, with a beautiful breakfast spread waiting for us every morning when we awoke, and as a very patient back seat tour guide as we drove around San Francisco.

^This is us just moments after Jordan got a call from the law firm he worked at over the summer--he got a full time offer!

^ On the steepest street in San Francisco. He's basically falling over!

One of our stops was to visit the Oakland Temple, where my parents were married in 1985. Beautiful, no?

Our final stop was Palo Alto, where I made my debut into the world when my dad was attending business school at Stanford and my mom was a nurse at the university hospital. (If I ever apply to Stanford, I'm hoping to use this to my advantage somehow. I'll show them my "Stanford Baby" onesie as proof. Can't hurt?) 

This was my first time visiting the campus as an adult, and I was excited to see what all the fuss was about--don't you always hear how Stanford has THE most beautiful campus? I came away a tad disappointed, I admit. I guess at this point I'm just a little more partial to the East Coast look. Hard to compete with this and this, in my totally biased opinion. Still, it was a lovely place and I was glad to see the site of the best day of my parents' lives. :)

^ Jordan and his hall

It was a quick trip--not enough time with my uncles and our Bay Area friends, and so many more areas to explore--but we're planning to spend more time there when we're officially Californians next year!

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