Monday, October 20, 2014

Tabletop Pretty: Sieger by Furstenberg's Ca' d'Oro

On a recent wander through the luxury stores of Hamburg's Neuer Wall, I came across Ca' d'Oro and have thought (and talked, as my husband will confirm) of little else since. The china collection is a collaboration between Sieger, the fashion and lifestyle brand, and Furstenberg, the storied porcelain manufacturer, both German companies. At once graphic and elegant, with hints of gold warming its stark black and white color scheme, it's a striking blend of modern and classic design elements. Indeed, it was designed with historical motifs in mind.

From the website:
Gothic architecture inspired Michael Sieger to incorporate decorative elements found in intricate tracery. For this reason, the decor draws on the form of the quatrefoil, which is reminiscent of a flower. That is why an exceptional building, the famous palazzo on the banks of the Grand Canal in Venice, lends its name to the collection.

Although the plates, bowls, cups and tea accessories harmonise with each other, their patterns form exciting contrasts – especially when flat and tall products are combined.

The line is available for purchase here, and I long for the days when I can pair it with our white everyday china, though until we return to Washington I must remain content with simply thumbing through the catalogues (loathe to acquire here, then ship there--think of the damage!).

And those catalogues, works of art themselves, of which I have no fewer than four different, exquisite versions lying around our apartment...

Ah, perhaps just a little teacup and saucer here to tide me over until Washington, then...

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