Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Temples and family.

While we were in Utah, we were able to tour the new Ogden temple. When temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are constructed or undergo major renovation, they typically open their doors to the public for a time before they are dedicated for their sacred use, at which point only those who are participating in our church's religious ceremonies are able to enter. I'm proud to have been married to Jordan in our church's Los Angeles temple, where we were joined not simply "'til death do us part," but for eternity, enabling us to be together forever, not just sealed to each other, but also to our families. Touring the temple with Jordan's family--my family--was a wonderful reminder of the beautiful purpose of our temples, and why I believe what I do.

After touring the building, we took some family photos on the temple grounds. A few of my favorites:

^ Don't ask why my left hand and his right arm are so awkward in this photo. A mystery of the ages.

^ Top: Jordan and his brother Shawn. Bottom: Me and our sister-in-law Kilee, floral twinsies.

A major highlight of the trip for both of us was being able to spend time with Jordan's brothers and Kilee. I wish we all lived closer to each other, but at least next year most of us will be on the same side of the country! The two photos below are from a fun evening we spent with Glade, Tanner, and Kilee in Park City.

And then one last photo of the Cox familia, just missing Dr. Tony, who is marooned in Pennsylvania for his med school residency until 2016 (or is it 2017? Who knows. Med school is forever.).

Jordan isn't the only one with family in Utah. My cousin Jake and his family live near Salt Lake City, and we spent a fun couple of hours with Jake, Heidi, and their two sweet little girls at the Utah County Fair one incredibly hot Saturday. Jake and Jordan actually knew each other years before Jordan and I met, both having attended BYU. Jake is the closest thing I have to an older brother, so it seems fitting that he'd vetted my husband before I married him.

See ya in December, Utah!

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