Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wedding Pretty: Paris Love.

So inspired by all things wedding--the decor, the photography, the dresses, the jewels, even the pre-wedding engagement photos. Almost a year and a half after my own nuptials, I still regularly peruse some favorite wedding sources for visual inspiration, always exploring how I can translate the beauty I find into my everyday life. Now that I finally have the time to do so, I'd like to turn this site into something more than a record of my own life, a place where I can file away the lovely that I encounter here and there for safekeeping.

Having just returned from a weekend in Paris, head and heart brimming with inspiration and already longing to return, I thought I'd start with this sweet wedding editorial, staged in the City of Light... which has me wondering why in the world I didn't stick with my own Paris elopement dream (although I loved my perfect day, of course, as all brides do). And a treat to discover that this shoot was done by a girl I went to high school with, photographer Rebecca Yale, who has perfectly captured the wonder and magic of Paris.

Source / Photographer

And more Parisian and French wedding inspiration...

// This American/French wedding photographer couple
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  1. My friend who also was maid of honor stumbled upon this wedding reception place, a hidden gem, and we popped over right away to see if it had possibilities. On first look and we knew it was perfect. The view is to die for, and provided a breathtaking backdrop to the ceremony and then dinner.


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