Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Time in Hamburg, Germany.

Christmas time in Germany is as magical as they say it is...with Weihnachtsmarkts in nearly every square, each boasting a festive mix of toys and treats and handmade goods and Christmas decor... And the FOOD, oh the food...impossible to visit a Christmas market without also nabbing a plate of apple strudel or grünkohl or germknödel...

And having been in love with miniatures since an early childhood visit to LA's (now shuttered, sadly) Museum of Miniatures, still completely entranced by tiny and fanciful worlds, like these ones for sale at the Christmas markets...

Missing home terribly and counting the hours until we fly home to the states, but, still, such a pleasure to spend the Christmas season in this festive country with the one I love.

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  1. Loved all this pictures!!!!! What camera are you using?!? I am sad your leaving so soon after we meet! But will continue tto stalk you through your blog! And of course dacebook!!:-)

    1. Thanks! It's a Canon Rebel SL1. Highly recommend!


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