Monday, January 19, 2015

Nymphemburg Palace.

Overwhelmed by the gorgeousness of Nymphemburg Palace, which blessedly DID allow photography inside its gilded halls (side eye @ Linderhof Palace). World, please appreciate the fact that I will never have an endless supply of funds, as I would literally build THE most ostentatious German palace look-alike if I did. But really, just endlessly inspired by this beauty, from the small side tables to the grand ceilings, and everything in between.

I was blown away by the carriage display--cannot imagine a world in which these were used for actual transportation. Such lavish beauty! Such obscene excess! I love it, of course.

More lovely palace visits here.

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  1. What is your secret? These photos are gorgeous! Seriously to have been born in a different time.

    1. haha thanks! my secret is not so secret--i just only hang out in the prettiest of places! pictures can't turn out bad if you're always surrounded by gorgeousness! ;)


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