Monday, February 23, 2015

Chateau de Chambord.

Chateau de Chambord was the most elegantly imposing palace we visited during our time in Europe. Much of the palace lies empty and bare, devoid of the excess of gilded furniture and crystal chandeliers seen in most of the palaces we visited (though I did, of course, snap a photo of one sweet little floral canopied bed, below).

Instead, the beauty of Chambord lies in its stonework and architecture, rumored to have been worked on by da Vinci himself! I loved the delicate twist of the stone staircases throughout the building, centered around the staircase of ALL staircases, a double helix that spirals up through the middle of the palace (last photo).

Country home to generations of kings, beginning with Francis I in the 16th century, this palace was definitely my favorite of the three we visited on our Loire Valley chateau day. Next stop, Chateau de Cheverny, which remains occupied by descendants of the original owners to this day!

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