Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015.

Valentine's Day was simple this year....it fell over an extra long weekend for us, so we originally had grand plans to travel, but somehow after a fall filled with trips and last year's Valentine's holiday to London, we couldn't quite muster up the energy to plan anything extravagant.

So instead, we celebrated by sleeping in until noon, curled into each other as the cool morning air filtered in through our open window, and then treating ourselves to 90-minute full body massages at a neighborhood spot just a few minutes walk away...

And then there was lunch at one of our favorite little Italian cafes (carbonara for me, cream and truffles for him), and then back under the covers with cuddling and dozing and Boyhood (...which we unfortunately cannot recommend). Dinner was at a new (to us) Indian restaurant, where we enjoyed some of the best Chicken Makhani I've ever tasted, cozy and warm as the snow blew sideways just outside.

Sometime in between were a few little presents--a balloon and a book for me, this smile-inducing toiletry bag for him, and he's getting a print framed for me that I have been meaning to get to (which is really just the nicest, because isn't getting things framed somehow just the biggest hassle?!).

...and most excited about these ombre long stem roses, the best I've ever received. Thank you, love, for the best day!

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