Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chateau de Chenonceau.

Fans of CW's Reign (or, well, history) will appreciate this chateau in particular... Held by the French monarchy, this chateau was gifted to Diane de Poitiers (Bash's mom!) by King Henry II. After Henry's death, Queen Catherine de Medici (of the Italian banking family) seized it back, sending Diane to live at Chateau Chaumont instead. Catherine was known for her brilliant party planning skills, and as her favored residence, this chateau was the site of countless spectacular parties.

One exhibit within the chateau emphasized the lives of the powerful women who lived here over the centuries, from queens, princesses, and royal mistresses, to patron of the arts and sciences Louise Dupin, also known as "The Enlightenment Lady." Such a rare treat to learn about a royal residence through the lens of the women who lived and loved there.

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