Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tea, Castles, and Unicorns in Edinburgh.

We spent a few days in Edinburgh, where we visited a darling little antique shop slash tea house, fittingly named Anteaques. Sipping tea and nibbling on traditional scones is already a delightful way to spend an afternoon in Edinburgh, but surrounded by dainty vintage goods for sale?? Heaven!

And you I know couldn't help but walk away with that 1930s mint green demitasse set pictured a few photos below, which is now lovingly displayed in my overflowing china cabinet...

And then a delightful few hours spent touring Holyrood Palace, residence of the Queen on her official visits to Scotland. I'll never tire of hearing the stories of the lives and loves of those who have occupied the palaces we've visited, especially, in this case, Mary Queen of Scots.

One of the bigger regrets in my quarter century-ish life was FORGETTING MY SEQUIN UNICORN SWEATER on my trip to Scotland. Why? Because this country's official national animal is the unicorn!!!! See the crest adorning the castle wall below? A country after my own heart...

Photography wasn't allowed inside, but I was able to take a few snaps of the chapel ruins, which remain attached to the palace. I especially loved the delicate arcuated arcade wall (or what remains of it). In the castles and churches we've visited on this trip, I haven't seen much of those overlapping arches (it reminded me much more of the Islamic motifs we saw at the Alhambra).

Next stop, the Isle of Skye!

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