Friday, May 22, 2015

Tabletop Pretty: Waterford Lismore Lace in Gold

Accidents leading to happy discoveries...

Last week my mom and I accidentally...though I'd like to say fatefully...journeyed to the wrong floor of Bloomingdale's in search of the perfect nude camisole for my low-backed dress (thanks, garmies). Upon finding ourselves on the home goods floor, we thought we'd just peak into the china section. There I discovered a new favorite china pattern, Waterford Lismore Lace in gold. It's hard to tell from the promo pictures, but the gold pattern is actually pretty metallic, almost reflective, and very sparkly. I'm happy with our set of formal china for now, but I'm oh so tempted to snag a set of these salad plates below and use them as dessert plates!

Always in love with the pairing of emerald and gold, and dreaming of dining on these plates in this stunning dining room...

P.S. The range is stunning in platinum too!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Oxford Interiors.

And now, the interiors...having studied these buildings in far away lecture halls, it was such a privilege for an art history geek to finally visit these beautiful spaces in person. Fan vaulting, the unique Gothic ceiling design in most of these photos, is found almost exclusively in England, with examples aplenty at Oxford.

And then, of course, the famed dining halls, where the tables are immaculately set for each meal and the walls are hung with centuries of royal patrons and revered deans...

Oh, to dine in the halls of Oxford!

Walking Around Oxford.

I spent our visit to Oxford last year completely melting with delight at the charming campus and town...and kicking myself for not studying abroad here in college. It seemed like around every corner was a quiet, plant-filled courtyard or a narrow, winding walkway, worn from centuries of student foot traffic.

Just a few photos of the campus and town, not that any pictures could ever do Oxford justice...

Next up, some shots of the interiors of some of Oxford's most beautiful buildings!

Two Years Ago: Moments in Color

This is the last batch of photos I'll be sharing this week in celebration of our two-year anniversary. I haven't looked at our wedding photos in a bit, so it's been fun to go through them again and choose a few favorites to share! Here are some fun ones taken when I was getting ready with my band of lovely geishas, one showing our full wedding party, and a handful from our reception and sparkly send-off.

All photos by the lovely and talented Linda Arredondo. More photos of our wedding here.

Two Years Ago: Moments in Black & White

This week I'm sharing a few more wedding photos in celebration of our two-year anniversary.

Though the majority of our wedding photos are in color, I love the few here and there that our photographer presented to us in black and white. I find there's an elegant simplicity in black and white photos that allows the viewer to just focus on what is happening in the photo, without the bright distraction of color photos. Here are a few captured moments from our wedding that I love!

All photos by the lovely and talented Linda Arredondo. More photos of our wedding here.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Two Years Ago: Details

Today we celebrated our second wedding anniversary. It was a simple day, with a museum visit, a grad school class for me, and a late night dinner at a favorite Indian restaurant with his parents, in town for his graduation yesterday.

I love looking back at photos from that perfect day, and starting with this post I'll be sharing a few this week. This collection is of the little details of our wedding, the small touches that made our day so special to us, from the pretty little purple flowers and the gold-leafed cake, to the delicate handmade garter and the tiny boxes holding macarons for each guest.

All photos by the lovely and talented Linda Arredondo. More photos of our wedding here.
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