Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hotel Pretty: Mohonk Mountain House

A little while back Jordan and I spent an amazing evening with his brothers at Mohonk Mountain House, just a few hours north of Manhattan. Mohonk is a fabulous resort dating back to Victorian times, and is still owned by the same family who opened it in the mid-1800s. The interior reminded me of a Victorian twist on a Wes Anderson film, but the real star of the show was the lake in the back of the resort. We all agreed it would be a wonderful place to return to with our own families someday. With a spa, live music, hiking, lawn games, lake activities, and--my personal favorite--a bonfire with s'mores, all set against this stunning natural landscape, Mohonk is perfectly idyllic. We'll definitely be back, Mohonk!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tabletop Pretty: Suite One Studio.

Continuing with my love of all things tabletop...

I cannot express how incredibly enamored I am of these stunning porcelain dishes by Suite One Studio. Last week I was explaining my love of porcelain and fine china to a friend, who laughed at my grandma ways...but if there were ever any proof that an obsession with pretty dishes need not come with a set of false teeth and a walker, these lovelies are it! 

They're sweet without being overly precious, and the gold rims and flecks here and there give them just enough edge to keep them from belonging in grandma's closet. Look at these photos (great styling, by the way!)--amiright or amiright?!

Now go gift your table with some jewelry and grab a few pieces from Suite One Studio's online shop immediately. This is not a drill.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cape Cod, MA.

A few photos from our recent visit to Cape Cod, where my family spends time each summer (a 25 year plus tradition stemming from my parents' newlywed years in Boston). Everyone loves their childhood family vacation spots, but I dare you to find an area in the U.S. more perfectly quaint than the Cape. Site of the pilgrims' first landing on the East Coast, today it's home to the most beautiful, small villages scattered along Route 6, which extends to to the tip of the Cape, ending in Provincetown, near where we stay. Anyone in need of some classic Americana, small town inspiration need look no further...as the classic Patti Page song goes, you're sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tabletop Pretty: Voyage en Ikat by Hermès

I first fell in love with Hermès as a senior in college, when I visited Paris over spring break. I was somehow lucky enough to be able to visit the company's museum, which is as close to a "secret" museum as it gets (open by invitation only, not advertised to the public, aka the height of coolness for an art, history, and culture nerd like me). The museum houses artifacts and original products from the company's storied history, from its origins as a luxury saddle maker in the 1800s to the global apparel and accessories behemoth it is today.

Aside from the brand's Birkin bags (which, *sigh*, someday) and classic silk scarves, I most love their china collections. It's hard to beat this collection (which now comes in gold?!?!), but this Voyage en Ikat range might just come close. I love the bright jewel tones, which are a nice change from my everyday whites and platinum. Even a set of the smaller plates would be a nice addition to punch up simple table setting. Here's to hoping that I'll see a few of these pieces under the tree in a few months (*hint hint* husband man), if I can hold out that long!

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