Friday, January 8, 2016

Design Pretty: Blue & White Toile Upholstery

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Three images of blue and white toile (or toile-esque) fabric inspiration...always a classic and never outdated, when employed in moderation!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Tabletop Pretty: Jenny Rijke

Absolutely in love with Jenny Rijke's beautiful ceramic pieces. There's something so soothing and natural about her work that makes me want to slow down just a bit and cozy up by a fire...with my favorite Mexican hot chocolate in hand, of course. I love the combination of her work's modern, yet organic aesthetic. Her indigo marbled pieces in particular are just divine...

All of Jenny's ceramic pieces are handmade in her home studio in rural Eastern Ontario, so each piece is its own unique piece of usable art. Her beautiful artistry can be purchased via her website and in her online shop. I suggest grabbing one of these indigo marbled mugs, or perhaps these sweet gold-rimmed bowls, perfect for a scoop of ice cream...

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Hotel Pretty: Beverly Hills Hotel's Cabana Cafe

The Cabana Cafe at the Beverly Hills Hotel, always the loveliest place for poolside breakfast or lunch, and a feast for the eyes as well in the hotel's signature combination of pink and green. (Brides, this is an especially perfect spot for a bachelorette or wedding party brunch!) Ever a pleasure to have an excuse to visit this hotel by the Dorchester Collection and the first historic landmark of the city of Beverly Hills.


// Follow up lunch with your own pretty crusade to the Virginia Robinson estate, a veritable time capsule of mid-century Beverly Hills elegance, just up the street!
// The Beverly Hills Hotel's grand entrance at Christmas time is NOT to be missed!
// History of the Beverly Hills Hotel
// Why pink and green is the best color combination ever
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