Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wedding Pretty: Desert Dream Elopement

As a decidedly indoor girl, it's hard to imagine enjoying my wedding on a cliff amidst wind and rain and dirt etc. Give me a chandelier over clouds and marble over rocks any day.... BUT. This Horseshoe Bend elopement has me singing a different tune. Such stunning simplicity--just the wind, the rocks, and that dress. Perfectly ethereal and grounded all at once, all captured by Seattle-based photographer Jordan Voth. Enjoy!


More desert wedding prettiness...

// Pink hair and flower crowns in the desert = heart eyes for days
// Scroll through this Utah desert editorial (and do NOT miss the ombre air plant cake!!)

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  1. The view at this place was amazing. This event was in the evening so it’s really a site to see when the sun sets. Just beautiful Malibu wedding venues! If you are planning your wedding here, don't worry too much about how to make it look even more beautiful.


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