Thursday, March 16, 2017

Design Pretty: Antique Nursery

Feeling a bit preoccupied with nurseries these days, particularly on how to create a nursery that doesn't *feel* like a nursery. Though always a work in progress, our home decor is mostly antique (or antique-inspired), and I love a layered, collected look. As I've started poking around for nursery pieces, I've been dismayed by the relative lack of options that suit our style. It's nearly impossible to find a crib that isn't straight lines, white or beige! Antique, wooden crib of my dreams, are you out there??

Happily, a recent Vogue feature proves that it is, in fact, possible to achieve the impossible, a non-nursery nursery. As an art history major and collector, this baby boy's room particularly appeals to me because of the abundance of art and lovely objets on every surface (cluttered to some, perfection to me!). And speaking of baby boy, it is a baby boy's room--and yet you might not have guessed that, right? It isn't an obvious, color-coded, gendered room (gag). I also love the familial love embedded in the room--the crib was first used by the baby's aunt, a decade-old valentine from the father to the mother is framed above the crib, and a photo of the grandmother as a child hangs on the wall. And color! So much color! Thank you to mama and photographer Corbin Gurkin (who clearly has a second calling as interior designer) for this wonderful inspiration!


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  1. Nice ideas to decorate the nursery, all bold colors used some soft colours would have looked more warm and comforatable. I personally dislike this blue pink theme

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